The Fake Out


I thought Veronica was the hook-up I needed to get over my ex. She made it clear she’d call me never. Until I walked into her tattoo parlor and she was slanting her mouth onto mine. 

She wanted me to pretend to be her boyfriend in a petty attempt to get back at her ex. But that was hard to remember, when I couldn’t stop thinking about how good her mouth felt on mine.


I never thought I’d run into Blaise Holmstrom again. I knew he was from Philly, but I thought he played for Toronto.

When my brother hired my ex to help out our struggling tattoo shop, it must be the work of the hockey gods, because who walked in? My hook-up from the summer. 

Somehow I’ve convinced Blaise to be my pretend boyfriend to make my ex see that I’m perfectly fine without him. I don’t do relationships anymore, but I’m starting to forget this was all an elaborate ruse. 

The Philadelphia Bulldogs hockey team are back, in this all new-standalone novel. Books can be enjoyed in any order. If you love a steamy fake relationship book, this one is for you.

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