Research, Research & More Research

Here’s a new check in for me on my journey to publishing. I decided that I am going to go for this and self-pub my hockey romance series. I have four WIPs right now, all a part of a series, but each is about a different couple so they could standalone. WIP #1 is with two friends and I printed it out and am red penning the hard copy right now. and oh boy there is a lot of shit I need to change in it. But that’s progress!! So while doing that, I also have been doing a ton of RESEARCH!

Not just for the book, I’ve done most of that already, but more on what is means to try to self-pub. Which means a ton of research on how to go about, and everything I need to do. I even made a spreadsheet for all the things I might need to pay for. I know for sure I’m going to hire an editor to look at this book for me. I’m debating on a graphic designer for a cover. I bought a seminar on how to do it yourself that I am going to take and have spent hours on istock looking at art I would want to use. (For at least the first three books). I’m really determined to really do this thing!

So while I’ve been doing all that, I also paid to get some logos created and am up and running with all my new social media sites! You can check out my Where to Find Me Page on my website now to find all my links. I’ll be adding to it once I get setup with other stuff (like amazon, GR, etc) Some things I have to wait until my book is actually published to set up. Which is annoying, but I’m loving starting to build up a writing community on instagram and Twitter. That’s mainly where I have been hanging out. I’ve even been posting graphics and moodboards on my instagram! I’ve embedded some below.

I’ve been using Canva to create these graphics, which is a free tool and it’s a lot of fun. But I definitely should be working on my writing more! I’ll get there!

That’s it for me today!

Love & Hockey Pucks,


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