My Fave Hockey Romance Writers

Since I am writing hockey romance books, I wanted to share with you guys some of my fave writers who also write in this romance sub-genre. I try to read other sports romance, but since hockey is my favorite sport, I tend to gravitate to these the most.

Kelly Jamieson

Another blogger mentioned Kelly Jamieson and her novel Game On, which is the last book in her Hockey Aces series. I don’t remember who it was, but after I read that book, I was hooked! I read another one of the books in that series, reading them all completely out of order, which you totally can do! Then I slowly just bought the whole series.

When I found out she was writing a new series, Wynn hockey, I was pumped. I was lucky as a book blogger to get ARC copies of all of the Wynn Hockey books (so far). Since then I have read ALL of her hockey novels. The whole Heller brothers series and her Bayard New Adult Series.

Kelly is Canadian and a hockey fan, so I feel she really gets the hockey stuff in her books. She does an awesome job of combining a good story with a lot of sexy times and keeps my interest with the hockey stuff. Highly recommend her books.

Sarina Bowen

Sarina Bowen is a new to me author this year. I picked up the first in her Brooklyn Bruisers series, Rookie Move on a whim when I was in Colorado. This was a series that I read in order, and have really enjoyed! I also went on to read her other stuff, not about hockey because I really like her writing.

I don’t think you need to read her books in order, but it definitely helps. One thing I like about her writing is that all her books are kind of in the same universe, so you will see little hints at stuff in her other books. One of the guys on the team actually has a book that is set in her True North series, which I loved!

Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy is another new to me author this year. She was another recommendation from another blogger. It makes sense though, because she has written a couple books with Sarina! I started with The Deal from her Off-Campus series, which I loved! I also adored The Risk, from the spin-off series, Briar U.

I like her books a lot, and I know a lot of stuff she has self-pubbed so it gave me big stupid ideas to try it myself. I like that Kennedy keeps the hockey stuff in there, even if the heroine’s don’t care about it! I love that her books focus on the hockey playing stuff.

Kendall Ryan

Kendall Ryan is another new to me author this year. I actually only recently heard about her. I’m really enjoying her Hot Jocks series. The first book Playing for Keeps was fun, but boy did I love All The Way. I’m super excited for the next book that comes out in November!

There’s not a huge focus on the hockey stuff like I normally like, but I think there is enough of it and the romance is the main thing that has kept my interest. Plus, she is another self-pubbed author that I have been inspired by!

Do you have any recommendations for hockey romance authors? Give me your book recommendations!

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