Take The Shot Playlist

We are still a couple months out until Take The Shot releases. ARCs are available right now, and while it’s scary reading reviews (I’m trying not to) I am excited to bring this book into the world. This is a story I wanted to tell and I can only get better and better as I continue to write.

Right now I am in the middle of some final tweaks to the copy for the final version that will get released. I’ve done all the edits, now I just need to read through it once more and then I can format the epub, kindle & paperback copy. In the meantime, I’ve seen that a lot of other writers come up with playlists for their books, so I decided to do one for this book.

The playlist for Take The Shot is a combination of music I think DInah likes (see the video game soundtrack songs like what she listens to when she writes) and songs that remind me of their relationship. AKA pining! SO much pining! Also some songs from My Morning Jacket, a band Dinah is listening to when she thinks of her late husband in the first chapter.

See the playlist below. I’m going to be making them for the other books too.

You can pre-order the book now too!

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