Take The Shot is Coming To Audio!

If you follow me on my social channels, this is not news to you, but I did just send an email to my newsletter subscribers telling them the good news. After careful thought, I decided to get an audiobook created of my debut book Take The Shot!

I’m pretty excited that the book is also going to be available in audiobook format. I’m a huge audiobook listener myself, so it was really important to me to have it available in that medium in addition to ebook and print format.

The book is going to be dual narrated by Avie Paige and Paul Stefano. Avie is Canadian and Paul grew up in the Philly area, so it’s kind of a small world type of thing. We’re in the early stages of production right now so fingers crossed it will go live at the same time as the text version. Pre-order for the audiobook is not quite live so hopefully I will have to for you all soon.



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