Take The Shot is now on Audio!

I’m really excited to announce that the audiobook version of Take The Shot is now available on Audible!

Audible US: http://adbl.co/3foaeFs
Audible UK: http://adbl.co/2N2cIgz
Audible FR: http://bit.ly/2zClPSd
Audible DE: http://adbl.co/2YF2TdR

I’m so excited for you all to listen to Paul and Avie narrate Dinah and Noah’s story. I was pretty happy with this team and I thought it was funny that Paul grew up in the Philly area and Avie is Canadian. It’s like the hockey gods told me they were perfect for this book.

I am going wide with the audiobook, it’s now available on Libro.FM too and should be posting to other audiobook sites soon.

The ebook and paperbacks are also available across plafforms:

Amazon —> https://amzn.to/3c0qhrr
Apple —> https://apple.co/3bRs16i
Nook —> https://bit.ly/2YHobHX
Kobo —> https://bit.ly/2wmg8pT
Google: https://bit.ly/39X1pj3

Hope you enjoy!



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