Score Her Heart Cover Reveal

Big news today! Since I have zero chill and I can’t sit on things, I decided to release the cover for Score Her Heart today! Emily from Emily’s World Of Design did the cover. She did the cover for Take The Shot, and literally all I told her was “use this photo and make it match the first book” and I think she did an awesome job! I highly recommend her if you are looking for a designer!

I mean look at that arm porn!! I searched for hours and hours and this photo was the perfect one for Riley. I’m really excited about the cover and I’m glad the books look so good next to each other. It was really important to me that you could tell that the books were in the same series. So I’m really happy with what Emily made for me.

Look at my book babies next to each other! I’m pretty happy with the cover and can’t wait to bring you the story. Coming soon! We are still working on some things.

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