Score Her Heart is 1 Week Away!

Can you believe it, Score Her Heart is only one week away! *Cue Panic*

I am so excited for this book to be in the hands of readers. I’ve only had a handful of ARC reviews so far, but all seem fairly positive (so far). I hope readers like this book a lot.

Fiona and Riley are a bit different than Noah and Dinah. But I love them just as much. It was fun to write about a couple who is just trying to see if their marriage is gonna work, but also both being so scared of ruining their friendship. I think that’s what I love about friends to lovers, I love the risk!

If you haven’t preordered the book yet make sure you do it now!

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Okay…short little sexy excerpt for you below 👇👇


He ran his hand down my face and kissed me tenderly. “Tell me what you want.” Before I could answer, he wrapped his fingers around my throat. “Oh, but you like it when I’m in charge, don’t you?”

I could only whimper and nod in response. I really liked the possessive grip of his hands on me like this.

His lips curled up into a wolfish grin. “I want you to beg for it, Fiona. Beg for my cock.”

“Oh, yeah?” I asked and arched an eyebrow at him.

“I don’t hear you begging,” he growled.

I yelped in surprise when he released his grip on my neck, pulled out, and flipped me over onto my stomach, pressing me against the mattress. His lips made a tortuous path up my back until he was at my neck, his breath hot in my ear. “I’m gonna ride you hard and spank your perfect ass.”

I groaned into the pillow. Oh my God, this man so had my number when it came to sex. 

His hands slid down my sides and gripped my hips. “You want that, sweetheart? You want to get spanked?”



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