A Note About The Supply Chain

Hi, friends.

A lot of people in publishing are talking about the supply chain issues, so I wanted to address it. I don’t know how it’s going to affect my release in December. I’m self-published so my paperbacks are done via print on demand by two different printers. One has already increased their prices, so it’s definitely affecting me there, but I fully expect delays.

I don’t have preorders up for the paperback yet. One of the reason is zon doesn’t let you do long preorders, so I usually don’t post that until closer to release. The other printer I use, there are costs associated with uploading, so I tend to wait until the book is 100% FINAL so I don’t have to pay that cost multiple times. I made that mistake with my first book.

The good news! There should be be no problems with ebooks. So if you want to help out this indie author, preorder the ebook if you can. If you really want the paperback, just expect delays on that. I have no control over the printers, so I can’t tell you what that delay with look like. I just wanted to post this to address the issue and let my readers know what was going on. This is one of those things that is unfortunately out of my hands.



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