Accidentally In Love is Twenty Days Away!

Accidentally In Love comes out in like three weeks, twenty days to be exact! I’m hoping the paperback goes live soon, but we had to work some things out with the design needing to be tweaked a little. I’ll post something once I see it go up on the stores, it’s likely going to take a bit. It will definitely be at least on amazon on release day.

So this book that I thought I was going to have to cancel is finally coming to come out very soon! I’ve heard from a couple ARC readers who have enjoyed it so far. So that’s good, although I am definitely feeling like there is less interest in this book over my hockey series. That might just be because it’s a niche holiday book. That does make me a little concerned because I think after the bulldogs is over, I’m not going to be writing hockey romance anymore. And focusing more on my suburban Philly books I want to write. There will be two more books in this series, I just don’t have a timetable for release yet. I’m hoping I can do the second book this summer, but I don’t have an editor for it yet.

So with all that in mind enjoy another excerpt.


She peered up at me with a guilty look. “Sorry, I’m moody.”

I put a hand on her stomach. “Avs, it’s all good. I told you, I’m here for you.”

She squinted up at me. “Do you want to come inside? Or do you have to get back to the brewery?”

I scowled. “Declan dismissed me.”

“Was your grumpy bear face scaring away customers?” she teased with a laugh.

“Yes,” I gritted out between clenched teeth.

“Are you too moody to come upstairs and hang out with me?”

“You want company?”

She nodded and looked down at her feet. “But I want to watch cheesy Christmas movies. I know you hate that, so you don’t have to come in.”

“If that’s what you want, we can do that.”

Her face lit up, and her smile was brighter than any bulb on any Christmas tree. “Really? You’d do that?”

I groaned but nodded. I would suffer through those dumb movies for her. I would have done anything she asked me to if only to be with her.

She grabbed my hand and led me upstairs into her apartment. I helped her take her coat off and hung it on the back of one of her kitchen chairs. She went into her bedroom to get dressed into something comfy.

I went into her living room, kicked off my boots, and I sat back on her futon. Her uncomfortable futon. More and more, I was uneasy about this arrangement. I wanted more for Avery and the baby, and I certainly didn’t want them living in this cramped space. I didn’t like that her stairs didn’t have a railing either. I worried about her falling. What if something happened to the baby?

Avery walked back into the living room wearing a pair of Christmas-themed leggings that made her ass look fantastic and a matching long-sleeved top. The shirt clung tight across her middle, showing off the bump of our baby growing inside her. She was starting to show a little more, but only if you were really paying attention. She had been wearing clothes to hide it, but tonight, I saw the evidence of the life we created together. My inner caveman beat at his chest because that was my baby.

She situated herself beside me on the futon and pulled a blanket around her legs. I put one arm around the back of the futon and laid my other hand on her stomach. I didn’t think we could feel the baby yet, but I ached for that connection with my child. Avery didn’t know how much I wanted to be a father. Sure, raising my kid brother had been hard, but I always wanted a family of my own.

“Thanks for hanging out with me tonight. Being pregnant makes me boring. I mostly sit on my ass anymore,” she said.

She put the rest of the blanket over my lap, and she pressed herself into my side. It was nice cuddling on her futon with her, but it made my heart get big, stupid ideas. It made me imagine we were an actual couple cuddling up together for a night-in.

“Tell me about this ridiculous movie you’re making me watch.”

I felt her laugh against my chest. “You really want to watch this with me?”

I rubbed my hand over her belly. “I’m here for you, and if that means watching some cheesy movie, I’ll do that for you.”

She looked up at me with that bright smile that made my chest constrict. “Really?”

I nodded.

She paused the movie before we got past the credits. “Okay, it’s like the parent trap.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“She looks like this Princess, and the Princess wants to enjoy being a normal person for a day. So they do the whole switcheroo thing.”

I groaned. “Avs, this sounds so dumb!”

She pinched my side. “Appease your baby mama, ya Grinch!”

I turned and smiled at her. “Okay, Avs, for you.”

Her face lit up with that beautiful smile again as she pressed play. When she smiled at me, I wanted nothing more than to keep it on her face. To do everything in my power to make her happy. I’d give her the world if I could.


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