Avery’s Christmas Movie Picks

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Accidentally In Love released last week! YAY! If you read it already, you know that my heroine Avery loves cheesy Christmas movies. Guess what? So do I! So here are Avery’s favorite picks!

The Princess Switch

Do you love the parent trap? Do you love a switcheroo? This movie is for you. And you got three of them now! Avery is recommending the first one to get a feel for it. It’s very cheesy, but it helps if you prepare yourself for that.

Single All The Way

This one was sooo funny! Jennifer Coolidge is her normal ridiculousness, and it’s about a family that really ships their family member with his best friend. Highly recommend!

Love Hard

These one feels like a romcom, it has all the classical help me get the man of my dreams, with the added mistaken identity/catfishing element to it. I also like that we hero that I don’t think people see as a romance hero. And that was cool to see!

A Christmas Prince

I can’t believe this actress is a kiwi, her American accent is sooo good! If you like police procedural with a hint of weird fantasy (zombies) highly recommend also checking out IZombie. This one has a similar tone to The Princess Switch. It’s cheesy and predictable, but so much fun!

A Castle for Christmas

What I loved about this? Scotland! Nolan’s scottish! Also, an older couple! I really loved how the heroine meets and makes a connection with people right away in the town. She blows into the town to drive the hero nuts. Like a lot of these, it’s a little chaste, but fun!

There are Avery’s picks. Are any of these your faves? What are your recommendations?


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