Against The Boards Playlist

Against the Boards comes out next week! So I’m sharing the book playlist again here. I’m also listening to it on repeat right now, NGL!

Here’s the list of songs:

“Roxanne” By The Police

“Cold Hard Bitch” By Jet

“King of Brooklyn” By Devil Doll

“Sweater Weather” By The Neighborhood

“Bisexual Anthem” By Doom Wilson

“Truth Hurts” By Lizzo

“Elevator Love Letter” By Stars

“I Was A Fool” By Tegan And Sara

“Dope on a Rope” By The Growlers

“The Suburbs” By Arcade Fire

“Howling For You” By The Black Keys

“Take me To Church” By Hozier

“Are You Gonna Be My Girl” By Jet

“Amber” By 311

“Kiss This” By The Struts

“She’s Kerosene” By The Interrupters

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