What’s Next?

A couple of people have asked what is next for me…like immediately after Against The Boards was released. Um… well I finally have some news.

I have TWO books on preorder now and I’m going to be doing TWO cover reveals In April.

The Chase, TJ’s book and book four of the Philadelphia Bulldogs Series is coming on October 18th! I know that is far off, and we might push it up. I’m expecting to get the first round of edits back soon, probably in early April. I know this book has been highly anticipated. I know I have one reader desperate for his book!

BUUTTT, I have a book coming BEFORE his.

The second book in the MacGregor Brothers Brewing Company Series is coming to you on July 19th! Trapped in Love is Gemma and Felix’s book. I’m about to send it to my dev editor, so I’m getting nervous about it TBH! But I can’t wait for you to read it.

I’ll be revealing both covers next month, so stay tuned for the reveals.



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