Trapped In Love Coming Soon

My next book will be the second in the MacGregor Brothers Brewing Company, Trapped In Love coming on July 19th. I have the ebooks on preorder now. It’s not live on every store yet, but some (google play) will come at a later date. There will also be paperbacks, but those will come later as well.

If you are a blogger, reader, or you just want to share about my upcoming book, you can check out the Promo Assets page I have set up for the book. You can post these graphics whenever you like. I’ll switch them out once the book is live to remove the coming soon/preorder ones. I’m going to be doing a blog tour for this one, but it’s not setup yet, I’ll post another update once signups have gone live.

In the meantime you can also sign up for my street team if you want to help support my books. What does my street team do? I’ll send you an email with a share request for cover reveals, preorder blasts, blitz countdown, or sales. All you have to do is share it. I don’t even check, and it’s completely optional. I appreciate all those who do share my graphics!

If you’re interested in getting ARCs, I’ve adjusted my process, so now you only get them if you are on the ARC team. All you have to do for that is sign up here and I ask that you write a review. But I do not require you to send me proof. I know life gets in the way or a book doesn’t work for you. And that is totally okay! The reason I changed the process is because when I did open sign up in addition to ARC team sign ups people who were already on the team were signing up on the open form and it was a mess trying to dedupe everyone. You can always reach out to me if you want to ARC read but can’t commit to a team! I will gladly send you an ARC.

I really love this book so much. It’s my favorite one I have written, and I really want it to do well. We’re still working through dev edits and then it’s off to my line/copy editor. But oof do I love this book and the cover is my ultimate favorite! I’m so excited to bring it to you all.



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