Trapped In Love is Two Weeks Away!

Can you believe it? Trapped In Love is only two weeks away! It’s almost here!

You still have time to get it at the $2.99 preorder price. I’ll raise the price to $3.99 after the release.


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I will also be going live with my friends from Buzzing About Romance on release day on Instagram to talk about the book. I’m also a sponsoring author for their Summer Reading Challenge, so make sure you check that out too!

And one last thing! Here’s a little sneak peek into the book! I can’t wait to bring it to you all!


She set her beer down and got up to poke at the fire again. She put in more logs, but on her way back to her chair, she tripped over my feet. I reached an arm out and pulled her into my lap before she fell on her ass. Or worse, into the fire.

“Whoa there,” I said.

A blush rose across her pale face. For a moment, time stood still as I cradled her in my arms, and she stared into my very soul. She slid her hands around my neck and bent her head to mine to meet me in a slow kiss. 

When she kissed me, I forgot about all the reasons why this was a bad idea. I didn’t stop her when she took the lead and ran her tongue across mine. Instead, I slid my hands up the back of her hoodie, my body tingling as I felt the warmth of her skin, and I kissed her harder. We kissed for so long the fire had died down when she pulled away.

She shifted, straddling me like she might ride my dick right here in front of the fire. 

Dont think about that, Felix. Stop thinking about fucking her again.


“Yeah?” I croaked out.

“Tell me to stop,” she said as she rested her forehead against mine and her lips ghosted across mine. “Tell me you don’t want to kiss me again.”

I cupped her face and pulled back to take her all in. Her cheeks were flushed pink, and her lips were swollen from being kissed too much. And yet not enough. I wanted to kiss her all night long until she begged me to stop.

“Gem, I want to kiss you until you can’t breathe. I want to take you inside and have my way with you until you’re gasping for breath and can’t handle one more orgasm. And then I want to give you one more.”

She bit her lip, and then the little brat rubbed herself on my dick. Fuck me. She was going to be the end of me.

I gripped her hair in my fist. “I can only give you this week. I can’t give you anything more.”

She dipped her head back down and hovered over my mouth. “Give me this week. Fuck me until you break me, and come Sunday, we’ll go home with nothing changed.”

“I want something to change.”

“What’s that?” she asked and stared at me with eyes hooded with lust.

“After this week, you won’t hate me anymore.”

“No promises,” she said and kissed me again.

We were kidding ourselves with these promises, but we were too horned up to think about the consequences. If she wanted a summer fling, I could give her that, but that was all I could give her. No matter how much I longed for something more.


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