Take The Shot – Character Bio – Noah Kennedy

Here’s another check-in with me on my current WIP Take the Shot. Today, I’m talking about the hero in my romance story Noah Kennedy.

I wrote Noah a little different than a lot of the sports romance heroes I have read about. He’s shy and quiet, and is kind of submissive. He’s a soft boy, and it’s more my heroine who is the alpha in the relationship. He’s a kind man who knows what he wants, and likes a woman who knows she’s in charge.

Key things about Noah:

  • 22 years old
  • Forward for the Philadelphia Bulldogs
  • Canadian hockey player
  • Six foot two
  • has been in love with his best friend Dinah for two years
  • likes a woman in charge
  • shy, polite
  • would give you the shirt off his back

Noah is a good man, a man that leaves the puck on Dinah’s stick while they navigate what exactly is going on between them. He’s also a rough and tumble hockey player who lets himself play through the pain. I can’t wait for you all to meet him!

Love & Hockey Pucks,


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