Take The Shot – Character Bio – Dinah Lace

My WIP Take The Shot starts with my heroine, Dinah Lace trying to work on her writing…and failing because of the hockey players who live next door to her throwing a party. Dinah was a fun character to write, she is eight years my hero Noah’s senior and they are best friends. Dinah is petite brunette who is stressed out with a job she hates and starting her career as a YA writer. She’s also been fighting her feelings for her neighbor and best friend, Noah Kennedy.

Key Things about Dinah:

  • 30 years old, widowed
  • Italian girl from South Philly, youngest of four, only girl in the family
  • works in a marketing job she hates
  • write YA on the side, currently working on book #2
  • Secretly has feelings for her best friend, 22-year-old hockey hunk and her next-door neighbor, Noah Kennedy.
  • Hardcore Philadelphia Bulldogs hockey fan
  • five foot two
  • dark haired
  • likes to say fuck a lot

Dinah is a lot of fun to write, but I definitely put a lot of myself into her. Although, I don’t have a hot hockey player best friend! LOL. I’m excited to be keeping everyone up to date on my writing on the blog. Hopefully soon I’ll be sharing my blurb for this book. But first I need to finish my personal edits and get it to an editor!

Love & Hockey Pucks,


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