Take The Shot – Coming 2020? Maybe

Hi! Me again, here to talk to you about more progress with my upcoming debut, Take The shot!

So, initially I was thinking about releasing this book in Feb, but…when I got in contact with a designer for my cover and an editor, I realized those dates were cutting it a little close. Especially if I want any sort of pre-marketing on this book…so for now I’m aiming at sometime in 2020.

So…what does that mean? Well, it means that I want to prepare to have my book come up this year at some point. I have to wait until the editing is complete and the cover is done so I can do some cover reveal stuff. Right now I’m thinking of summer time, but depending on timing and other things I might end up just slating it for the fall.

I’m definitely really excited to bring you Dinah and Noah’s story, but you might just need to wait a little while longer!

Love & Hockey Pucks,


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