I won NaNoWriMo!

So…as I’m preparing to pub my first novel in The Philadelphia Bulldogs romance series I’m starting, I’ve also been working on later books in the series. So I started NaNo this year with 11K words on a WIP that I was having a really tough time with. I’m planning for this to be book five of the series and you will finally get to see TJ Desjardins story! He’s a side character in Take The Shot, so you’ll meet him soon.

TJ is kind of a douche and hits and quits it a lot, so I had to figure out why he does that and why he wants to try something serious with the woman in his book. His girl has a lot of trauma and anxiety, so in writing her I had to deal with a lot of stuff I deal with personally and unearth a lot of my feelings that I never want to deal with. Which is why I couldn’t write this book last summer when I originally set out to do it. Also while I was working on this I got the idea for book six and HAD to write a couple chapters just to get it out of my system.

I was really unsure if I was actually going to hit the word count since this was such a hard book for me to write. So I’m pumped to say I DID add 50K words to the WIP in the month of November. I’m pretty happy that I have a first draft complete now at 64K. Woohoo! It def has a lot of work to be done, but now I’m shifting stuff back to start editing book two! My partner said I was straight beasting writing these books, so that makes me happy.



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