Pre-Release Updates

June seems so far away for the release of my first book, Take The Shot, but I have some updates. Right now I’m in the middle of final edits (I hope) so I’m hoping to get everything squared away once I get everything into production.

I’m planning on using Ingram Spark for my printing, and I’ve heard that it can be difficult with Scrivener which is the processor I use for both drafting and formatting. Pray to the Hockey Gods that everything goes okay. If it does, I think I’m going to write something up about how I formatted some things because it was definitely trial and error. I also read it’s good to also use KDP because of amazon issues, so I’m going to do that as well. So the biggest news is that you can now pre-order the ebook on different sites for Take The Shot. Go here to see them.

I ended up changing my plans for my cover, for a couple reasons, but I’m not going to go into them here. I’m back to just doing them myself and I honestly don’t hate the look of them. I am concerned about messing up the spine on the full cover wrap, so I’ll see when I get a proof copy back if I need to make any adjustments. I think I did it right, but when I uploaded into KDP, the spine and the back cover looked too close together in the preview window. I really like what Kendall Ryan does with all the promo images on her instagram, that I ended up making a bunch for my book to post in the coming months. They are fun, but I do find it a little difficult only having a handful of stock images to choose from, but I’m also trying to be mindful of how much I am spending.

Speaking of covers! Xpresso Book Tour is running a cover reveal for me on February 11th! If you are a blogger and want to participate you can sign-up here.

One thing I am still really debating right now is audio. I love audiobooks, and I would really like to get mine into production, but since I’m such a baby author right now I’m not sure if making that risk is right yet. Also, I definitely want two narrators, one for Noah, and one for Dinah, which isn’t something you can do with the AXC program. Not sure about findaway voices, so if I do want to move ahead, I might need to seek out a production company. I have one in mind, but audiobooks are a lot of money to make. And again…I haven’t made any money off my writing yet. Soon though!

Look out for more info from me soon, like the cover!


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