Greetings from The Writer Cave

I haven’t posted on the blog in a while, and there are a couple reasons for that.

One, I also work a full-time day job, so when I’m not there my free-time is being split spending time with my partner, actually writing the books I’m trying to self-pub and oh yeah still writing reviews on my book review blog because I still have ARCs I have to read. Basically, I am stretched a little thin at the moment. Also facing a lot of burn-out. I wrote a whole twitter thread on this stuff, so I’m not going to rehash it, just A LOT is going on in my life.

So here’s a little check in on my progress right now. My first book, Take The Shot is still on schedule to release on June 9th, 2020! I am very excited about this. I just sent it to an editor for copyedits and hoping to get it back soon. I’m still waiting on the cover to get worked on, so I am really hoping to have that info out in the world SOON. I might be a tad impatient for this to happen. I just want it to look good, and I didn’t think my ability was going to cut it.

So right now, while I wait for edits for the first book, I am self-editing the second book and working on the third book. I think I still need to do more research for book three since the hero is the first one I’ve written who is outside of my culture, so I want to get him right. I may also look into sensitivity readers in this case. But right now I am kind of ignoring that book to try to flesh out book four. I am basically all over the place while I wait to get the first book to you, basically. Oh yeah, and I started a draft for book SIX as well as one for a book in a spin-off series I want to set in a different city. I already have moodboards to do four books in that series. So there is a lot going on in my head right now.

So never fear, I’m still here, I’m just basically drowning myself in getting the actual work done, while you know trying to juggle all the other stuff in my life.

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