Hey, all.

Popping in quickly here to remind you that I DO have an ARC team. If you want to always get an ARC of my books for review, you can sign up for that.

But I also am going to continue to do open signs ups for those who might not want to ARC read everything. I open that up to my Street Team first before I post it publicly. So I do have the ARC sign ups for Accidentally In Love currently open. If you want to sign up for just that book you can do that. Again, if you’re already an ARC team member you do NOT have to sign up again. You will automatically get all of my books.

If you’re a blogger, reader, bookstagram, etc and don’t have the bandwidth to review (believe me, I understand), but still want to support and don’t want to be on my street team, I do have promo assets pages linked onto my Blogger page. Feel free to grab these graphics and post whenever you like. I did just add a promo page for Accidentally In Love. I will switch out the graphics for Now Open on release day. But feel free to post the coming soon or preorder graphics if you like. Seriously, no pressure, this is just an easy way for me to provide you with assets if you choose to post them.

I’m deep in editing with this one right now, and I can’t wait to bring it to you all. But LOL if you don’t like a couple who SUCKS at communicating, umm, this might not be a book for you. Okay, gotta go finish up those edits now.



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