Welcome to August

I can’t believe the last month of summer is already here where I live. AHH! I’m actually fine with it because summer in Philly is no joke.

I sent out my newsletters today, so make sure you check your inboxes for that. I put some steamy teasers for Accidentally in Love in there. If you’re not on my newsletter sign up today!

This month I teamed up with some awesome authors to bring you some sales promos. Check out all these awesome authors.

Looking for romance audiobooks? Check these out!

Oh the hunt for those contemporary romances? Check these out!

I’m also participating in a big giveaway on FB at the end of September, but I’m letting you know now. Check out the Isn’t It Romantic Group for details. Join now and then check it out on September 24th!

That’s all for me now. I got to get editing done on Accidentally in Love now!



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