Take The Shot – Coming June 9th, 2020!

If you are a newsletter subscriber, this might be old news to you, or if you have been on my book page on the website you might have discovered it already – BUT!! I finally landed on a date for my first hockey romance novel Take The Shot!

I quietly posted links to pre-order the ebooks from amazon and barnes and noble, but wanted to wait until I formally announced something on my website. So right now, you can begin pre-ordering the ebook version on the two forth mentioned sites, with additional vendors and a paperback version coming soon. It’s a lot of moving parts right now, but I wanted to be able to offer this to my readers now, and so I can have a presence on GoodReads, Amazon, Bookbub, etc. Which are now all active!

I have editing and the cover design in the queue for the coming months, so stayed tuned for more info. I’m going to be sending heard it first news and maybe even excerpts via the newsletter, so if you haven’t signed up yet, do it here.

I’m super excited that I’m really going for it and making my own dreams come true on this self-publishing journey. It’s a lot of work, and I’m having a lot of doubts about it right now, but I hope at least one person gets joy out of reading my love stories.



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