Book Signing Events Upcoming

Hi, all!

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you already know about this, but I have some exciting book signing events coming up!

First up in my homestate of PA, I’ll be in Pittsburgh for Authors in Steel City on April 8th and 9th. This will be my first ever book signing! I’m nervous but excited about it. Make sure you grab your tickets here.

And then this summer on July 16th, I’ll be at RomantiConn, in Connecticut. I’m excited about this one because a few of my authors friends will also be attending and I finally get to meet them in person! Grab your tickets HERE.

One thing I did for both of these events is create a preorder form. So if you are planning to attend and you want to assure you get signed copies of my books, you can submit an order HERE. I will invoice you via paypal a couple weeks before the event. Once you pay your invoice, I’ll set aside the books for you so they will be ready for you at the event.

I hope to see you there and to of course meet some new readers as well!

I have plans for another event in the fall, but we’re still firming up details, so stay tuned for more info on that one!



Sign up for an ARC of Against The Boards

It’s the new year, so I have some new stuff going on. I’m so glad readers have loved my latest release Accidentally In Love. I’m not sure when/if I’ll publish the next book in that series, but I do have another book in my Bulldogs hockey series! Against The Boards is releasing on March 1st, and it will be here before we know it!

Are you interested in reading an ARC? You can sign up for just the ARC and no other obligations here. If you’re already on my ARC team, you will already get this so no need to sign up again. And if you can’t remember, shoot me a message, and I can check for you. I’ll also be posting 20 ARCs on book sprout, so if you miss it, check out that too.

I am so excited to bring this book to you all, but also really nervous about this book for a lot of reasons. Only a couple more months until it’s in your hands!



Holiday/End of the Year Sale

Surprise! I have one more final sale to end out the year. I put Take The Shot back on sale again, through 1/1. If you haven’t started the Bulldogs series, this is the perfect time to start. Especially since book three is coming this spring!

Grab it now from your favorite eretailer for $0.99!

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Hope you have a great holiday and happy new year!



Avery’s Christmas Movie Picks

Hey, All!

Accidentally In Love released last week! YAY! If you read it already, you know that my heroine Avery loves cheesy Christmas movies. Guess what? So do I! So here are Avery’s favorite picks!

The Princess Switch

Do you love the parent trap? Do you love a switcheroo? This movie is for you. And you got three of them now! Avery is recommending the first one to get a feel for it. It’s very cheesy, but it helps if you prepare yourself for that.

Single All The Way

This one was sooo funny! Jennifer Coolidge is her normal ridiculousness, and it’s about a family that really ships their family member with his best friend. Highly recommend!

Love Hard

These one feels like a romcom, it has all the classical help me get the man of my dreams, with the added mistaken identity/catfishing element to it. I also like that we hero that I don’t think people see as a romance hero. And that was cool to see!

A Christmas Prince

I can’t believe this actress is a kiwi, her American accent is sooo good! If you like police procedural with a hint of weird fantasy (zombies) highly recommend also checking out IZombie. This one has a similar tone to The Princess Switch. It’s cheesy and predictable, but so much fun!

A Castle for Christmas

What I loved about this? Scotland! Nolan’s scottish! Also, an older couple! I really loved how the heroine meets and makes a connection with people right away in the town. She blows into the town to drive the hero nuts. Like a lot of these, it’s a little chaste, but fun!

There are Avery’s picks. Are any of these your faves? What are your recommendations?


Avery + Danica

Accidentally In Love Is Now Live!

It’s finally here! Accidentally In Love is finally live! You can find it in ebook across all platforms and also in paperback.

I’m so excited for you to all read it. I hope you love Nolan and Avery as much as I do!



Join me for a happy hour!

Hi, friends!

Accidentally In Love comes out TOMORROW! So I have some PR lined up, and I wanted to invite you all to join me for a happy hour on youtube this Thursday, December 9th at 8 PM Central/9 PM Eastern.

Join me with my friends from Buzzing About Romance as we talk about my book, bearded men, and BEER. I mean, duh. It will be a fun time. And if you can’t join live, you can always watch the replay later.



Get Your Christmas Music Fix!

Hey, All!

Accidentally In Love is only 3 DAYS away now! It will be in your hands very very soon. I think I’ve shared the playlist before, but I wanted to share it again, so you can get your Christmas music fix. There are a lot of Christmas songs on the list, but some others as well. Enjoy! I can’t wait for you to read the book!

Link to playlist here or see the embedded below!



I can’t believe it’s December!

Hi, friends it’s finally December which means there are a lot of things going on for me!

Accidentally In Love comes out in a week (more like 6 days!) The paperbacks are on preorder now on most stores, so you can grab those as well.

I’m going to be doing a release party in my facebook group on release day, on December 7th from 4-10 PM EST. There were be a signed paperback giveaway during the party, so make sure you check it out.

I also am doing something fun for this release. I’m doing a live youtube happy hour with my friends at Buzzing about Romance. So tuned in live on Thursday night at 8 pm CST.

Since it’s a new month, I also have some new promos starting! Check these out.

Happy December!



Black Friday Sale!

Hi, friends, I have a short sale going on for Take The Shot for Black Friday. The sale will go through 11/29, and then the regular price of $3.99 will go back on 11/30. It is for all my ebook platforms.

Grab it now before the sale ends and start reading the Philadelphia Bulldogs series now!



Paperback Update!

I have an update for you on the paperback! It is slowly starting to appear on sites YAY! So far it’s only live for preorder on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but hopefully the rest will start coming soon. But if you have been waiting for the paperback, now you can start ordering it! I’m hoping I can get author copies in time. Especially since I want to do some signed paperbacks giveaways. More on that later!

I can add some paperback stores onto my Books2Read link, so make you check that out, as I’ll update as soon as I can. We’re so close to the release on this one, I’m so nervous, but excited. I hope you all love it when you read it.