Last Chance ARC Opportunity!

Hi, All!

We’re hoping to wrap up the final tweaks for Accidentally In Love by end of next week, so that means ARCs should be on schedule to go out on the first week of November! So due to that, I’m going to be closing the ARC signup sheet in the next couple of days. If you’re on my ARC team, you are already getting it. But if you were only interested in signing up for this ARC, you still have a couple days to do it, but hurry, because I’m going to be closing the form shortly.

For bloggers out there, I also am doing a Blogger Blitz with the help of Xpresso Book Tours. If you want to help get the word out about the book, sign up here.

I’m hoping to share some excerpts of the book soon once we have it finalized. Soon!



October Promotions

I totally forgot to post about the promos I’m involved in this month! I have a couple preorder promotions so check them out and preorder those books and give yourself a gift that you forget about until the book lands on your device!

I also have some fun Halloween themed parties happening on Facebook.

First over in my Michelle’s Literary Rebels I’ll be doing a takeover to celebrate Halloween on 10/27 I’m on at 8:30 CST.

THEN on 10/30 and 10/31 I’m participating in a fun halloween group hop. The idea is to hop to different authors groups. You collect a “password” in each group and enter them into the entry sheet for the grand prize. Make sure you join my group, Danica’s Romantics. I’ll be doing some fun games on both days throughout the day in my group.


Also, if you want to sign up for an ARC of Accidentally In Love, I’ll be closing the sign up sheet next week. I’m hoping to have the ARCs sent out by the first week of November.

Go here to sign up:



Against The Boards Coming March 1st!

Hey, all. So good news, I finally have a release date for Against The Boards! YAY. It’s coming to all retailers on March 1st.

Did I intentionally want book three to come out exactly one year after book two? No, but since I added a book for December, I had to adjust my schedule. Plus, this is an extremely busy time of year at my dayjob, so I had to plan ahead to make sure we can get the edits done! We are working on them now so I am 100% confident this date will work for us.

You can start preordering the book now!

Amazon —>

Apple —>

Nook —>

Kobo —>

Universal Link –>

I’m hoping to do the cover reveal sometime soon, but I haven’t decided when yet, so stay tuned!



A Note About The Supply Chain

Hi, friends.

A lot of people in publishing are talking about the supply chain issues, so I wanted to address it. I don’t know how it’s going to affect my release in December. I’m self-published so my paperbacks are done via print on demand by two different printers. One has already increased their prices, so it’s definitely affecting me there, but I fully expect delays.

I don’t have preorders up for the paperback yet. One of the reason is zon doesn’t let you do long preorders, so I usually don’t post that until closer to release. The other printer I use, there are costs associated with uploading, so I tend to wait until the book is 100% FINAL so I don’t have to pay that cost multiple times. I made that mistake with my first book.

The good news! There should be be no problems with ebooks. So if you want to help out this indie author, preorder the ebook if you can. If you really want the paperback, just expect delays on that. I have no control over the printers, so I can’t tell you what that delay with look like. I just wanted to post this to address the issue and let my readers know what was going on. This is one of those things that is unfortunately out of my hands.



Attention Bloggers!

Hi, All!

Since I have a release coming in a couple months, I wanted to put it out there that I do have a street team. I’m always looking to bump up the number of members. If you don’t know what a street team is, I’ll explain. Basically, I’ll send you an email requesting you to share something for me (a book sale, cover reveal, a book on preorder, book release, etc). I never REQUIRE it, you can do whatever you want with the email I send you. I’ll be honest, I don’t check who post either. I know who does based on who tags me, but if you don’t share everything, it’s not going to be counted against you. I don’t have that kind of time! It’s just a way for you to help me announce fun things about my books.

This is different from my ARC Team, but I do send reminders to the street team that they are welcome to be added to the ARC Team. ARC team members get all of my books no matter what. BUT if you don’t want all of them or are only interested in a particular book, I am still doing open sign ups for each book. Will that change in the future? Possibly, but for now I want to make sure bloggers and reviews have equal access to ARC read for me. The street team will ALWAYS get first access to sign up for ARCs for my books. That’s a perk of being on it.

Speaking of ARCs, I do have an open sign up for ARCs for my release in December. You can feel free to sign up here.

If you don’t have time to ARC, I totally understand, that’s why I have the street team separate, so if you just want to help promote you can do so. If you’re not on the street team, I do also have promo assets on my website for you to share at any time. Links for each book can be found on the Blogger page here.

Thanks so much to all of you who have supported and shared for me. It means so much to me!



Romance For Haiti!

Popping in real quick to tell you all about a charity bid I’m apart of. The romance community has come together to raise funds to help out with the impact of the earthquake in Haiti. A lot of authors are donating their expertise and books for you to bid on. You can also donate directly if you like as well.

I’m offering up a bundle of signed paperbacks of Take The Shot and Score Her Heart. (US only sorry international shipping is mad $$$). I also will include stickers and bookmarks. (I always include those if you win a giveaway or order paperbacks from me!) If you want to bid on my auction item, you can do so here. Full list of all the items here.

There’s also another charity auction happening at the same time. Romancelandia for Afghan Women. I’m not apart of this one. Not that i didn’t want to be, I think I missed the sign up. But I wanted to highlight it as well because it’s another great cause.



Welcome to August

I can’t believe the last month of summer is already here where I live. AHH! I’m actually fine with it because summer in Philly is no joke.

I sent out my newsletters today, so make sure you check your inboxes for that. I put some steamy teasers for Accidentally in Love in there. If you’re not on my newsletter sign up today!

This month I teamed up with some awesome authors to bring you some sales promos. Check out all these awesome authors.

Looking for romance audiobooks? Check these out!

Oh the hunt for those contemporary romances? Check these out!

I’m also participating in a big giveaway on FB at the end of September, but I’m letting you know now. Check out the Isn’t It Romantic Group for details. Join now and then check it out on September 24th!

That’s all for me now. I got to get editing done on Accidentally in Love now!




Hey, all.

Popping in quickly here to remind you that I DO have an ARC team. If you want to always get an ARC of my books for review, you can sign up for that.

But I also am going to continue to do open signs ups for those who might not want to ARC read everything. I open that up to my Street Team first before I post it publicly. So I do have the ARC sign ups for Accidentally In Love currently open. If you want to sign up for just that book you can do that. Again, if you’re already an ARC team member you do NOT have to sign up again. You will automatically get all of my books.

If you’re a blogger, reader, bookstagram, etc and don’t have the bandwidth to review (believe me, I understand), but still want to support and don’t want to be on my street team, I do have promo assets pages linked onto my Blogger page. Feel free to grab these graphics and post whenever you like. I did just add a promo page for Accidentally In Love. I will switch out the graphics for Now Open on release day. But feel free to post the coming soon or preorder graphics if you like. Seriously, no pressure, this is just an easy way for me to provide you with assets if you choose to post them.

I’m deep in editing with this one right now, and I can’t wait to bring it to you all. But LOL if you don’t like a couple who SUCKS at communicating, umm, this might not be a book for you. Okay, gotta go finish up those edits now.