I don’t want to write about The Pandemic

I’ve been pretty busy lately with my day job plus working on books two and three. Book two goes for first edits in a couple weeks, so I hope to have some news about the release date soon! If you want more regular updates from me, check out my newsletter. (I send 1-2 times a month.) In the meantime, there is a topic that keeps on coming up that I figured I’d want to address.

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Take The Shot Excerpt #2

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My debut book Take The Shot is due to release in two weeks! It’s very exciting and scary, but I’m proud of myself for putting out this story and chasing my dream. Below is another sneak peek excerpt from the book. Newsletter subscribers got this in the inboxes earlier this week. Are you signed up for my newsletter? You can sign-up here.


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Take The Shot – Excerpt #1

Hi, all! Take The Shot is coming out very soon. In about a month or so! It’s so close now. Today I wanted to share a quick excerpt. Newsletter subscribers already received this (sign up so you can get news first here).

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Take The Shot is Coming To Audio!

If you follow me on my social channels, this is not news to you, but I did just send an email to my newsletter subscribers telling them the good news. After careful thought, I decided to get an audiobook created of my debut book Take The Shot!

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Take The Shot Updates!

Hi, All! It’s been a little bit since you have heard from me, so I wanted to pop in and give you a little update on the progress with Take The Shot, by debut novel. If you are a newsletter subscriber (you can subscribe here!) this might be old news to you already. But despite the state of the world and a lot of book publications being pushed back, Take The Shot is going to be live on June 9th as planned!

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