Accidentally In Love is Twenty Days Away!

Accidentally In Love comes out in like three weeks, twenty days to be exact! I’m hoping the paperback goes live soon, but we had to work some things out with the design needing to be tweaked a little. I’ll post something once I see it go up on the stores, it’s likely going to take a bit. It will definitely be at least on amazon on release day.

So this book that I thought I was going to have to cancel is finally coming to come out very soon! I’ve heard from a couple ARC readers who have enjoyed it so far. So that’s good, although I am definitely feeling like there is less interest in this book over my hockey series. That might just be because it’s a niche holiday book. That does make me a little concerned because I think after the bulldogs is over, I’m not going to be writing hockey romance anymore. And focusing more on my suburban Philly books I want to write. There will be two more books in this series, I just don’t have a timetable for release yet. I’m hoping I can do the second book this summer, but I don’t have an editor for it yet.

So with all that in mind enjoy another excerpt.


She peered up at me with a guilty look. “Sorry, I’m moody.”

I put a hand on her stomach. “Avs, it’s all good. I told you, I’m here for you.”

She squinted up at me. “Do you want to come inside? Or do you have to get back to the brewery?”

I scowled. “Declan dismissed me.”

“Was your grumpy bear face scaring away customers?” she teased with a laugh.

“Yes,” I gritted out between clenched teeth.

“Are you too moody to come upstairs and hang out with me?”

“You want company?”

She nodded and looked down at her feet. “But I want to watch cheesy Christmas movies. I know you hate that, so you don’t have to come in.”

“If that’s what you want, we can do that.”

Her face lit up, and her smile was brighter than any bulb on any Christmas tree. “Really? You’d do that?”

I groaned but nodded. I would suffer through those dumb movies for her. I would have done anything she asked me to if only to be with her.

She grabbed my hand and led me upstairs into her apartment. I helped her take her coat off and hung it on the back of one of her kitchen chairs. She went into her bedroom to get dressed into something comfy.

I went into her living room, kicked off my boots, and I sat back on her futon. Her uncomfortable futon. More and more, I was uneasy about this arrangement. I wanted more for Avery and the baby, and I certainly didn’t want them living in this cramped space. I didn’t like that her stairs didn’t have a railing either. I worried about her falling. What if something happened to the baby?

Avery walked back into the living room wearing a pair of Christmas-themed leggings that made her ass look fantastic and a matching long-sleeved top. The shirt clung tight across her middle, showing off the bump of our baby growing inside her. She was starting to show a little more, but only if you were really paying attention. She had been wearing clothes to hide it, but tonight, I saw the evidence of the life we created together. My inner caveman beat at his chest because that was my baby.

She situated herself beside me on the futon and pulled a blanket around her legs. I put one arm around the back of the futon and laid my other hand on her stomach. I didn’t think we could feel the baby yet, but I ached for that connection with my child. Avery didn’t know how much I wanted to be a father. Sure, raising my kid brother had been hard, but I always wanted a family of my own.

“Thanks for hanging out with me tonight. Being pregnant makes me boring. I mostly sit on my ass anymore,” she said.

She put the rest of the blanket over my lap, and she pressed herself into my side. It was nice cuddling on her futon with her, but it made my heart get big, stupid ideas. It made me imagine we were an actual couple cuddling up together for a night-in.

“Tell me about this ridiculous movie you’re making me watch.”

I felt her laugh against my chest. “You really want to watch this with me?”

I rubbed my hand over her belly. “I’m here for you, and if that means watching some cheesy movie, I’ll do that for you.”

She looked up at me with that bright smile that made my chest constrict. “Really?”

I nodded.

She paused the movie before we got past the credits. “Okay, it’s like the parent trap.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“She looks like this Princess, and the Princess wants to enjoy being a normal person for a day. So they do the whole switcheroo thing.”

I groaned. “Avs, this sounds so dumb!”

She pinched my side. “Appease your baby mama, ya Grinch!”

I turned and smiled at her. “Okay, Avs, for you.”

Her face lit up with that beautiful smile again as she pressed play. When she smiled at me, I wanted nothing more than to keep it on her face. To do everything in my power to make her happy. I’d give her the world if I could.


Next Chippy Chicks Episode

If you missed the first episode of Chippy Chicks, never fear! You can still watch the replay now.


We have another episode coming up this Sunday! November 21st, at 8 pm EST/ 5 pm PST.

So join me, Kelly Jamieson, Melanie Ting, Fortune Whelan & Stacey Agdern where we’ll talk hockey, hot hockey players, and hockey romance!



Accidentally In Love Excerpt #2



“Come outside and help me put up the lights before Avery gets home.”

We grabbed our coats and walked outside. Declan untangled the lights from the plastic bag someone had shoved them inside. I grabbed the ladder from the shed and put it against the house. Declan directed me where to hang the lights while he held the ladder. I wasn’t sure how long we had been out there, but it felt like it took forever. I didn’t care how long it took; I just wanted it to be perfect for Avery.

“I think it looks good,” Declan called up to me.

I walked down the ladder, and he ran inside to flip the switch. The house lit up with twinkling white lights, like some fucking winter wonderland. Avery never would have expected me to decorate for Christmas. I wanted to surprise her with it, to make it feel like this was her home, too.

Dec came out of the house and whistled. “Looks good. She’s gonna love it.”

I frowned and ran a hand down my beard. “I hope so. I want everything to be perfect for her.”

Dec nudged me with his elbow. “Take the night off. Go help your baby mama get the rest of her stuff and get situated. The brewery will be fine without you for one night. Okay?”


He cut me off by holding up his hand. “Nolan, this is why we have staff. You don’t have to work your fingers to the bone like when we first opened. You’re the head brewer. You don’t have to micromanage every tiny detail of the process. I know you’re stressed about money, but it’s gonna be okay.”

“I want to be good enough for her. And for Peanut.”

“Peanut?” he asked with a confused look.

I shrugged. “It’s what I call the baby.”

My brother beamed at me. “That’s so cute.”

I punched him in the shoulder. “Shut it!”

He pushed me back. “Get out of here. I’ll handle s**t at the brewery tonight. Go help your lady.”

Declan didn’t have a life outside of the brewery, either. He was just as bad as I was. I couldn’t remember the last time he even went on a date. I don’t think he’s had a serious relationship since his high school girlfriend Lila broke his heart when she went to college in California and never came back. 

I was about to run back into the house for my car keys when two cars pulled up into the driveway. I planned to go over to Avery’s apartment to help, so she didn’t have to carry all those boxes inside. She shouldn’t be lifting anything heavy in her condition. I hadn’t realized how long it took us to get the tree up and decorated. Getting the lights up on the house had taken longer than I would have liked, even with my brother’s help. I felt like a dick. I should have helped her pack up all her things.

Avery got out of her car with a box in her hand, and I rushed over to help her. She scowled at me. “I can lift a box, Nol,” she argued, but the debate died on her lips when she looked up at my brightly lit-up house. “Oh… Oh! You put up Christmas lights?”

Her eyes sparkled as the reflection of the lights hit her just right. The way her entire face lit up in delight struck me in the chest. 

“Nolan, did you do this for me?” she asked in surprise.

I grunted in response. 

“But you hate Christmas.”

I took the box from her and walked into the house. I smiled when I heard her gasp. “Oh, Nolan,” Avery whispered.



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November Promos

It’s a new month, so I have some new promos running. Also if you missed it yesterday, I did a cover reveal for Against The Boards.

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Against The Boards Cover Reveal!

I am excited to finally share the cover reveal for the third book in my Philadelphia Bulldogs hockey series! Here is the cover for Against The Boards! It is my favorite. Mostly because green is my favorite color and this is my FAVORITE book I’ve written.

Here’s the full wrap that will be on the paperback, that’s coming soon.

Coming March 1st, 2022!

When I applied for the sales manager job with the Philadelphia Bulldogs, I never thought they would offer it to me on the spot. Luckily for me, my twin was letting me stay at his place while he played hockey overseas.

Then he dropped the bomb that Benny was his new roommate. You know, the only guy on the team I couldn’t stand. I don’t know how we’re gonna survive being roommates. Because honestly? Some days I wasn’t sure if I wanted to kiss him or punch him.

When TJ told me his sister was moving to Philly and needed a place to stay, I knew I should have high-tailed it out of town for the offseason.

But I didn’t. Because I was all sorts of foolish when it came to the feisty woman. Every time our paths crossed, I opened my mouth and made her mad. Usually with good reason, too.

The two of us being roommates was bad news. We’re either going to kill each other or I was gonna give her the best kiss of her life. I wasn’t sure which was worse.

The Philadelphia Bulldogs hockey team are back, in this all new-standalone novel. Books can be enjoyed in any order. If you love a steamy enemies to lovers romance, this one is for you.

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ARCs are out!

ARCs for Accidentally In Love have gone out! This is the scary part of being a writer. I’ve already had an editor and my betas rip this book apart, and now I’m giving it to readers to tell me what they think. ACK!

But ARCs are now out, so if you signed up or are on my ARC team, make sure you check your email for something from bookfunnel to download your book.

There are also some graphics you can pull from my promo assets page for the book here.

If you didn’t get an ARC, I’m also doing a Blitz with Xpresso Book Tours and they will also provide ARCs. If you’re a blogger, you can sign up for the Blitz here.

Hope you all enjoy it!



Introducing the Chippy Chicks

Hey, all! I’ve been working on a secret project that I can finally tell you about! Me and four other hockey romance authors are coming together to start the Chippy Chicks. What is that? We’re going to go live on Youtube to talk hockey, hockey romance, and maybe even hot guys in suits!

Join us for our first EVER happy hour on YT THIS Sunday, 10/24 at 8pm EST.



Accidentally In Love Excerpt

Accidentally In Love is coming to you very soon! We are finalizing the edits on this, I’m waiting for the FINAL from my editor, but I’m expecting to get that this weekend. Once I have that I’ll start preparing the send out the ARCs. I’m closing the ARC form this week, so if you want to sign up for an ARC, this is your last chance.

Due to that, I wanted to share a little snipper excerpt for you now. I post snippets on my FB page occasionally, so figured I’d share here as well.

**Start of Excerpt**

“Are you sure you don’t have the flu or something?” Gemma asked from across the kitchen table, stirring her burrito bowl in thought.

Gemma lived in South Philly, but commuted to the brewery in Drakesville. When we could, we’d have dinner together before her shift. I tried to cancel tonight, but she insisted. My sister could be needy.

I shrugged and pushed my untouched bowl of food out of the way. I had zero appetite tonight.

“PMS?” she asked.

I stared back at her in silence.

“Avs, when did you last get your period?”

“Not since before the Arts Fest,” I admitted in a low whisper.

Her eyes turned to saucers. “That was two months ago!”

I cringed. “Maybe it’s stress?”

Gemma looked horrified.

When Gemma was in college, she had a pregnancy scare, and I drove all the way up to State College to be with her. She didn’t want kids, and an unplanned pregnancy hadn’t been in the cards. She ended up not being pregnant and got her period the next day, but to this day, she always was stressed if it was late. If Gemma had been in my shoes, she wouldn’t have ignored the signs. She would have taken a pregnancy test the day her period was late.

She stood up and put on her coat.

I furrowed my brow at her. “Where are you going?”

She glared at me. “Going to the pharmacy to get a pregnancy test.”

Before I could argue, she ran down the steps and out of my apartment. I cringed at my door slamming shut behind her.

Gemma was gone for maybe fifteen minutes before she clomped back up the steps and waved a bag of pregnancy tests in my face.

“Come on, let’s take these,” she said and led me into my bathroom.

Ten minutes later, we stared down at the third and final pregnancy test and waited for the results. The first two tests were positive, so I didn’t have a good feeling about this one. I knew I was pregnant before those pink lines showed up on the first test, but I didn’t want to accept it. I ignored what my body told me and tried to will the pregnancy away. I had even been avoiding Nolan because if I had seen him, I would have burst into tears and told him everything.

My timer chimed, and I handed the testing stick to my sister. “Please look. I can’t.”

She gave me a sympathetic smile. “Oh, Avs,” she cooed and squeezed my hand in comfort.

“I’m pregnant, aren’t I?” I sobbed.

**End Excerpt**

Can’t wait to bring you the rest soon!



Last Chance ARC Opportunity!

Hi, All!

We’re hoping to wrap up the final tweaks for Accidentally In Love by end of next week, so that means ARCs should be on schedule to go out on the first week of November! So due to that, I’m going to be closing the ARC signup sheet in the next couple of days. If you’re on my ARC team, you are already getting it. But if you were only interested in signing up for this ARC, you still have a couple days to do it, but hurry, because I’m going to be closing the form shortly.

For bloggers out there, I also am doing a Blogger Blitz with the help of Xpresso Book Tours. If you want to help get the word out about the book, sign up here.

I’m hoping to share some excerpts of the book soon once we have it finalized. Soon!



October Promotions

I totally forgot to post about the promos I’m involved in this month! I have a couple preorder promotions so check them out and preorder those books and give yourself a gift that you forget about until the book lands on your device!

I also have some fun Halloween themed parties happening on Facebook.

First over in my Michelle’s Literary Rebels I’ll be doing a takeover to celebrate Halloween on 10/27 I’m on at 8:30 CST.

THEN on 10/30 and 10/31 I’m participating in a fun halloween group hop. The idea is to hop to different authors groups. You collect a “password” in each group and enter them into the entry sheet for the grand prize. Make sure you join my group, Danica’s Romantics. I’ll be doing some fun games on both days throughout the day in my group.


Also, if you want to sign up for an ARC of Accidentally In Love, I’ll be closing the sign up sheet next week. I’m hoping to have the ARCs sent out by the first week of November.

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