Take The Shot – Character Bio – Dinah Lace

My WIP Take The Shot starts with my heroine, Dinah Lace trying to work on her writing…and failing because of the hockey players who live next door to her throwing a party. Dinah was a fun character to write, she is eight years my hero Noah’s senior and they are best friends. Dinah is petite brunette who is stressed out with a job she hates and starting her career as a YA writer. She’s also been fighting her feelings for her neighbor and best friend, Noah Kennedy.

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Take The Shot – Character Bio – Noah Kennedy

Here’s another check-in with me on my current WIP Take the Shot. Today, I’m talking about the hero in my romance story Noah Kennedy.

I wrote Noah a little different than a lot of the sports romance heroes I have read about. He’s shy and quiet, and is kind of submissive. He’s a soft boy, and it’s more my heroine who is the alpha in the relationship. He’s a kind man who knows what he wants, and likes a woman who knows she’s in charge.

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WIP # 1 – Take The Shot

MoodBoard for Take The Shot Created in Canva

Here’s a new check in on my first WIP – Take the Shot. I wrote a blurb for it, but I’m not sure if I like it yet. I’ll be sharing it on My Books page once I am 100% on it. No one tells you how hard it is to write a freaking blurb! I wrote a 77,000 word novel, but writing a > 200 word blurb to get someone to buy that book?? SUPER HARD!

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Research, Research & More Research

Here’s a new check in for me on my journey to publishing. I decided that I am going to go for this and self-pub my hockey romance series. I have four WIPs right now, all a part of a series, but each is about a different couple so they could standalone. WIP #1 is with two friends and I printed it out and am red penning the hard copy right now. and oh boy there is a lot of shit I need to change in it. But that’s progress!! So while doing that, I also have been doing a ton of RESEARCH!

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New Beginnings

Hi, everyone!

The past couple of months, I’ve been reading and writing a lot of romance books. I’ve gotten really into hockey books, so I thought I would try my hand at writing them. Then oops I wrote FOUR books in a series. Like what? I’ve really enjoyed writing them…and I’m seriously considering trying my hand at this for real. Like, fuck it, let’s self-pub this stuff and see what happens. When I want to do something, I do it.

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