Take The Shot – Excerpt #1

Hi, all! Take The Shot is coming out very soon. In about a month or so! It’s so close now. Today I wanted to share a quick excerpt. Newsletter subscribers already received this (sign up so you can get news first here).

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Take The Shot is Coming To Audio!

If you follow me on my social channels, this is not news to you, but I did just send an email to my newsletter subscribers telling them the good news. After careful thought, I decided to get an audiobook created of my debut book Take The Shot!

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Take The Shot Updates!

Hi, All! It’s been a little bit since you have heard from me, so I wanted to pop in and give you a little update on the progress with Take The Shot, by debut novel. If you are a newsletter subscriber (you can subscribe here!) this might be old news to you already. But despite the state of the world and a lot of book publications being pushed back, Take The Shot is going to be live on June 9th as planned!

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Take The Shot Playlist

We are still a couple months out until Take The Shot releases. ARCs are available right now, and while it’s scary reading reviews (I’m trying not to) I am excited to bring this book into the world. This is a story I wanted to tell and I can only get better and better as I continue to write.

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Cover Reveal Part Two!

Okay, so sometimes when you are a debut author you make mistakes and this is one of those cases. Last week I did my cover reveal for my debut novel, Take The Shot, but guess what? I HATED my cover! So I reached out to a designer I had been in contact with before and we worked together to get me something better. Big thanks to Emily from Emily’s World of Design for helping me out and so quickly too!

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You guys!!! Guess what today is?? The day I finally reveal the cover of my upcoming book Take The Shot (Coming June 9th!). Xpresso Book Tours is helping me out with the tour today, and if you get my newsletter, you will also get it in your email too. I’m super excited to be bringing it to you today!

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Pre-Release Updates

June seems so far away for the release of my first book, Take The Shot, but I have some updates. Right now I’m in the middle of final edits (I hope) so I’m hoping to get everything squared away once I get everything into production.

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Take The Shot – Coming June 9th, 2020!

If you are a newsletter subscriber, this might be old news to you, or if you have been on my book page on the website you might have discovered it already – BUT!! I finally landed on a date for my first hockey romance novel Take The Shot!

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