You guys!!! Guess what today is?? The day I finally reveal the cover of my upcoming book Take The Shot (Coming June 9th!). Xpresso Book Tours is helping me out with the tour today, and if you get my newsletter, you will also get it in your email too. I’m super excited to be bringing it to you today!

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Pre-Release Updates

June seems so far away for the release of my first book, Take The Shot, but I have some updates. Right now I’m in the middle of final edits (I hope) so I’m hoping to get everything squared away once I get everything into production.

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Take The Shot – Coming June 9th, 2020!

If you are a newsletter subscriber, this might be old news to you, or if you have been on my book page on the website you might have discovered it already – BUT!! I finally landed on a date for my first hockey romance novel Take The Shot!

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I won NaNoWriMo!

So…as I’m preparing to pub my first novel in The Philadelphia Bulldogs romance series I’m starting, I’ve also been working on later books in the series. So I started NaNo this year with 11K words on a WIP that I was having a really tough time with. I’m planning for this to be book five of the series and you will finally get to see TJ Desjardins story! He’s a side character in Take The Shot, so you’ll meet him soon.

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Take The Shot – Coming 2020? Maybe

Hi! Me again, here to talk to you about more progress with my upcoming debut, Take The shot!

So, initially I was thinking about releasing this book in Feb, but…when I got in contact with a designer for my cover and an editor, I realized those dates were cutting it a little close. Especially if I want any sort of pre-marketing on this book…so for now I’m aiming at sometime in 2020.

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I have a blurb!

One of the things I last blogged about was my frustration with writing blurbs. They are so hard. I’ve really been struggling with the blurb for my first book, Take The Shot. I literally wrote six different versions of it, and just wasn’t satisfied with it. (Also, I wrote the blurbs for books two and three and really like them) So this book was just toying with me!

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My Fave Hockey Romance Writers

Since I am writing hockey romance books, I wanted to share with you guys some of my fave writers who also write in this romance sub-genre. I try to read other sports romance, but since hockey is my favorite sport, I tend to gravitate to these the most.

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The Philadelphia Bulldogs Hockey Romance Series

One thing I knew I wanted to do when I started writing Take the Shot, the first in my hockey romance series, was come up with a team name. I’m a Flyers fan, so I wanted my team to be set in Philadelphia, but for legal reasons, I didn’t want to basically be writing Flyers fan-fiction. I know there is a hockey romance writer that did write fiction using The Flyers, but obviously all the guys on the team are fictional. From most of the books I’ve read all the teams have been fictional, and legally that is probably the better way to go. So how did I come up with The Philadelphia Bulldogs? It was kind of a placeholder!

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Why Are Blurbs So Hard to Write?!?

One thing I am struggling right now as I figure out my next step with self-pubbing is writing blurbs! I can write a 77,000 novel, but having to write copy to get someone to buy that book? And keep it at 150-200 words?? That shit is HARD!

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